[Update v.1.9]
- Mobile & tablet supported (Please don't dislike it just yet, it's playable but not yet optimize)
- Confirmation for clan select added (fixed clan select bug)
- Team designation to leader-board added
- Shuriken flight path improved

*In-game x2 ninjutsu countdown time SAVE WHEN YOU LEFT GAME, so you can come back to continue your x2 ninjutsu boost

**Ninja Assassin TIP --> Starters, try concealing your sword size and choose random spawn to be hidden from other assassins


The adventure continues! This is Ninja Assassin, where you embark on a journey to become the greatest Ninjas of all time. 
Work hard, train hard, and use all your willpower to work your way up from an untrained newbie to a limitless all-powerful ninja master asssassin the land have ever seen. 

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