🏝️ Welcome to Desert Island Survival! ⛵
🎮Game Tutorial:
👷‍♂️Take in more islander, Upgrade and expand the island.
🏗️ Modify buildings to make the island more prosperous.
👩‍🍳Produce food and meat so that the islanders will not go hungry.
🏡Remember to assign the islanders houses, because islanders can greatly recover energy by sleeping in the houses.
👍thanks for 40000  likes! 💖Use code "up"
👍thanks for 30000  likes! 💖Use code "tools"
👍thanks for 25000  likes! 💖Use code "squid"

UPDATE [15.25]:
-- Updated Challenge Boss gameplay!
    1) Squid bosses regularly appear in the middle of the ocean.
    2) Players can chase squids 
    3) Attack the head of Squid for a faster kill. 
    4) There is a great reward for defeating squid, and the chance to win advanced tools and flare guns
-- Look for mermaids in the middle of the ocean that can sell your excess supplies.


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