Story:You were kidnapped by someone and he brought you to a Haunted House and they say that There's Monsters in it and Many people Live in the House but Ao Oni Caught them and became into a Haunted House and Many People Died in the Haunted House and now you have to Escape Before Ao Oni comes and gets you.Don't say there's no way to go through the lava because There's a Teleporter in the walls.That's why I didn't make it dark because It's to dark in the Winners, And one thing There is only one pop-up.If you finished it, send friend request GroovyDominoes52 (The creator)

2012 V.1 - Boring Small map not scary
2012 V.2 - Added more places
2013 V.3 - Ao Oni breaks the Glass
2013 V.4 - "Ao oni breaks the Glass" removed
2014 V.5 - Added Fog
2015 V.6 - Fixed more stuff and fixed  "Ao Oni breaks the Glass"

07/19/2020 - thank you wayback machine and who ever decided to archive this place in 2013 for some reason. finally revived the original cringy description and thumbnail


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