- 👑 Pet Legends 2! Soon! 👑

🚙 Hello Everyone, And Welcome To Vehicle Champions! 🏎️

✨ Next Code At 10K Likes!👍 
🎉 Use Code “1M” For Free Boost!💖
🎉 Use Code “Easter” For Lucky Boost!💖

🥇 1M Update!🥇
-🐰 Event is Gone in 7D
-🧪 1 New Capsules
-🚔 8New Vehicles
-✨ x2 Clicks/ Eggs
-✨ New Code
-⚙️ Bug fixes

✨ How to play:
🕹  Click to get clicks!
🧪 Open Capsules to get awesome and stronger Vehicles!
🧪 Find and Open The Secrets Capsules!
♻️ Rebirth to get more click multipliers and Earn Gems!
♨   Buy Upgrades to help you on your journey!
🗺️ Unlock and explore islands! 
✨ Make Gold and Rainbow Vehicles!
🥇 Climb the leaderboards & become the best!
🔄 TRADE with other players! (Coming Soon!)

⭐ Favorite, Follow, and Like the game to show support! ⭐ 
A game by RamiDev✨


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