A short singleplayer 2D styled adventure game!

Oh NO!! The remote is missing! I have to find it to cure my boredom!

------------------- INFO  ------------------- 
Gameplay will consist of puzzles, dialogue, and a long list of secret badges to collect!
This game also features a deeper story behind all that silly, cartoonish style so keep a look out if you’re into that!

The drawn style of the game was inspired by BigHead2k7!
------------------- CHAPTERS  ------------------- 
[CHAPTER 1] The remote is missing in your house!
[CHAPTER 2] Travel through the cave systems!

[CHAPTER 3] 90% done

⭐NOOBAT0M -  Owner, Builder, Scripter, Assets
OreoMewza - The Talented Animator
Reeezzzeee - Chapter 3 Scripter, Artist
Dreamie - Chapter 3 Builder, Artist


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