🛠️ Work in progress! Follow my socials for updates on when Sakura Party will release!

Estimated Release Dates
🔸 Early Access (+- R$300): End of 2022 - Start of 2023
🔹 Free Access: Start of 2023

🍉 Sakura Party lets four friends battle it out on life-sized game boards and frantic minigames! Roll the dice, collect coins, and free as many Sakura Petals as you can! All while making use of various Items to advance yourself or hinder your opponents! 

🌸 This game is part of the Sakuraverse! A shared universe of all Sakura games by Tsunmae Games (Sakura High, Sakura Party, ~)

Disclaimer: Sakura Party and Tsunmae Games are not responsible for any broken friendships caused by Sakura Party.


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