Date Released: Wednesday, April 27th.
💰 Use the code '10KVISITS' for some extra cash!

Welcome to the streets of Rolanta, where the only way to survive in this town is to get out there and make some money! Go through the hood and climb the ranks.

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🔨 This game is still in it's earlier stages of development.
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Compatibility: PC, Mobile

PC Controls: 
Q: Interact
F: Weave
Shift: Run
Left Click: Shoot/Attack
Left Control: Mouse Lock
Right Click + Mouse Lock: Focus Aim

🗲 The more wanted you get, the more 'Black Air Force Energy' you gain.
💰 Complete tasks from NPCs to earn cash.
💀 Inventory is cleared upon death.

Created and Developed By: @FatherMortis
Credits: Tryther, Exolyite, Sallomy
UI Design By: KaioNorth, Faye_Robert


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