The Fire were first founded by a couple nobs but fixed up by at the time, ro-hockey legend, AAAWIP (MrShipwreck). After several games in, all wins, the traded places to me to begin his commission era of the RNHL. The Fire went on to go winless in regulation posting a record of 14-0-1. Although the Fire lost in Game 5 of the 2nd round playoffs, it was later on admitted Nonrugsalt threw the game for the Winnipeg Snow Tigers. No changes have been made to who really should have won the cup this year. The Fire made a comeback in Season 8 but once again went undefeated in regulation going 18-0-2. Sadly, the team fell apart and struggled, nearly losing to the rookie Bandits. Once again they vsed the Winnipeg Snow Tigers in the conference finals where my players WerkItJak and WerkItNoah ultimately betrayed me purposely not showing up to the game so I lost. The series would have gone the other way if they had showed up, another gift you could call it for the Snow Tigers. The team is currently d

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