Welcome to a funny school roleplay game where everyone is a student and 1 or 2 of them at a time gets to hold a presentation about a subject chosen randomly or by a player. Other students can interrupt the presentation by coughing, farting, screaming, raging, partying and with many more ways! By presenting, and every 5 seconds you earn Points, which you can use to interrupt the presentation!


🎁 Update 3:
+ Fixed the occasional bug where your screen is blurry after joining
+ Improved actions list with a hide button
+ Improved daily reward system
+ Bug fixes in Robux actions
+ New action: Siuuu

💬 Use chat to interact with the teacher!
✨ Roblox Premium players earn Points every 3 seconds instead of every 5 seconds!
➡️ Click the arrow next to chat for leaderboards and more!
💰 Make a private server to earn 2x Points!
👥 Share the game with your friends and have fun!
⚠️ Please report bugs in the group wall!


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