Salutations, Boho Salon and the community of ROBLOX
🛠 A new day is among us, I say this because the previous owners have only caused problems. I’d like to state that I have large plans for this group. I have a trusted scripter partner I’m working with called Freidrich (Scripter), he’s been a big help lately.    

1. Shutdown = Updates
I’ll do my best to notify the server when it happens either OJ5X will join or one of the spades will notify and :slock and :shutdown. 

2. We have a communication server and all are welcomed, we also have a roverify account so for others safety, you will need to verify yourself using “eryn”. “gg/NU2sDfJ”

3. Join the group to become a hairdresser, if you buy game passes our bots are currently down meaning people are manually promoting people so if you haven’t gotten ranked please bare with us. You’re soon to be family [❤️] and we want you to be a part of the solution.!/about

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