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The Open Space is a game where you can enjoy an experimental feature of roblox; Spatial Chat at it's full potential!
There  are multiple things here for you to enjoy!
- Games of Pool
- Wii bowling
- Darts
- RAP Battles
- Karaoke[WIP]
- Restaurant/Bar [WIP]
- Stand-Up Comedy/Performance Stage
Or you can simply enjoy good moments with your friends!
Here are our rules!
•    Respectful environment is key, the point of moderation is to remove people who are hurting other people’s experience.
      o     Slurs are strictly forbidden.
 This includes the following:
- R-slur
 - F-slur
    - N-slur
      o     No derogatory usage of profanity. 
•    Exploiting 
      o    Exploiting against other players is instantly bannable.
      o    Harmless Exploits are discouraged and can be subject to punishment.
•    Admin abuse is not allowed and sh
Credits to: slitherylemur, Sardiception(Inventor), Lopte1, 9kRoki.

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