Alternative title: the cursed ribs fangame.

in memory of Technoblade, his tribute can be seen at puri's garden. #FRICKCANCER
There is also eddsworld characters added.

This game is based around in Forza Horizon 3.

Plot: it's September 26 2021. 1 year after Forza horizon 3 reached its end of life status. ribs has died due to the [REDACTED] virus. but Kadenzombie8 made another antidote to revive her!

Tags: Ribs, Escape ribs killer, Henry TDS, lord biggest, Lordbiggesthead, rails unlimited, Puri, Da_Money, spongebob, Forza, Forza horizon 3, horizon festival, Australia, Aussie, Elite, City, rails unlimited, hot wheels, blizzard mountain, eddsworld.


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