🔋 Minimum System Requirements: 
      RAM: 1200 MB (1.2 GB) [ Recommended: 1500 MB (1.5 GB) ]
      High end Graphics Card

DISCLAIMER: Due to 251,000 bricks, the above MUST be met to even load into the game.
If this game is too laggy, please play this: Roblox Institute:

5 QUESTS Have now been added! Talk to an NPC with a 'QUEST' icon above their head to begin! 

⏲ This game got me into EBR on Aug 19, 2017 along with 'Home Showcase'.
Time taken: 125 hrs. 
Hold shift to run. 
Based off Natural History Museum, London 
There are 7 guides to accompany you on your journey.

🦖 Exhibits include: Dinosaurs, Birds and Reptiles, Gift Shop, Amphibians, Cafe, Aviation, Mammals, Marine Life


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