This game is based on the show Squid Game! 

Welcome to Red Light, Green Light! Compete against other players to win a jackpot of thousands of in-game cash!

• When the doll says "green light", you can walk. When it says "red light," stop. 
• If you are still moving when it says "red light," you will be eliminated. Reach the end by the 3-minute timer to win!
• If you are the doll, press the "red light" button at the bottom of the screen to turn and attempt to eliminate players by being unpredictable.
• The golden jackpot pig's amount of cash increases whenever a player is eliminated during a round.
• All winners will split the cash prize at the end of every round.

modelling/animations @ulzig
building/gfx @pawrincess
scripting @radiakk @topbagon

🔔 New updates coming soon! 
❕❕ The game is still in beta, bugs may be found. 
✉️ Join the group to report bugs or get announcements about new updates!!/about


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