Welcome to [Zombie]Build Tower Simulator!
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Use code "zombie" for some Gold
1000 Likes Code: killzombie
2000 Likes Code: nicebuild
4000 Likes Code: buildhome
6000 Likes Code: buildhere
8000 Likes Code: buildmore
12000 Likes Code: zombieworld

2021.11.26-Update Log
--Add new Turrets/Furnitures/cars
--Add Leaderboard
--Fix some bugs

Build a home,Survive against hordes of zombies!Kill zombies,earn new weapons and turrets...
💾 Building autosave 💾

The game is a beta version,expect bugs to occur,please share your ideas or bugs you've gotten or found...

👍If you find the game interesting, please give us a thumbs up!👍
👍Thumbs up and a favorite for more quality updates!👍

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