---- We are working on a revamped, bigger, and better Hoops Life!  Hoops Life on Top!
 --- Welcome to Hoops life! Here at hoops life, we aim for the most enjoyable simulation possible!  Here are a few notable facts you should keep in mind: 
 - This game is only 40% Finished
 - Many things inside the game are placeholders (Temporary)
 - Anything in the game is subject to change
 - We have a community kord server (Scroll for invite link, 13+)
 --- Credits
 - LabelLyric- Builder/Owner
 - SkeletorAngel- Programmer/Owner
 - XxPremiumJay- Programmer
 - Im_Creature-Animations
 - Zooted-Animations
 - JustNineteenSymbols- User Interference
 - Youtube_Zayku- Beats
-  22KingWade22 - Administrator


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