Welcome to Emerald Theatre

Here at Emerald Theatre, our job as virtual entertainers is to provide an audience with an impeccable experience for them to leave with joy. Our mission is to deliver a perfect performance made by our staff to allure our audience members into becoming one of our team. We tend to consider everyone who is in our group as a member of our family to display a positive atmosphere. Join Emerald Theatre today and have one of the best Roblox experiences ever.

NOTE: If you buy a Gamepass, you MIGHT need to wait for a new server in order to actually be able to use the Gamepass. All Gamepasses are Non-Refundable.

This is our 6th version of Emerald Theatre, our best theatre yet, released in January 2021, here are the list of people who were involved and made it possible:

• Built by Squidzyee
• Graphics by Nephere (ICONS), TelMemes (THUMBNAIL) & ca_IIum (LOGO)
• Scripting by Tr0_p, luvcalvins & daysocial
• Pet Models by Leyobe
• Animations by Animatwor

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