Welcome to NIKELAND, where sport has no rules. Tag on trampolines? Why not. Floor is lava with a dash of parkour? Let’s go. Explore the world of sport, swim in Lake Nike, race your friends on the track, and discover hidden secrets!

😎 Style your avatar with Nike gear
💥 Unlock sports superpowers
🔨 Create your own mini-games to play in your yard
🧢 Collect three free launch items now, with more coming!

☀️ January 19th — Yard Improvements ☀️

🏆 Earn a trophy if Nike features your yard
🧲 Save and toggle between your best yard designs 
🚧 New building blocks! Stash snowballs, clouds, and more
🔦 Quickly spot active yards as they light the sky
👀 Check out Giannis’ building blocks in the Lobby

🏁 Free promo codes: firstlap, smile, rainbow, goldmedal
New code at 30,000 likes!

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