Yes, I understand I used free-models for this game. This is only here because I need tickets for buying clothes due to the vulgar price updates. This will be up till the moment our current Axel Studio project is over and we can begin on our ba.r

tags: Mini,Digger,Miner,Mine,Mines,Hat,Handle,Script,Drop,Keep,Cafe,Iron,Script,Weld,Anything,RPG,Gui,Shop,Leaderboard,Drum,Truck,Tank,Robot,Mech,Shirt,Pants,Monster,LOL,LOLS!,Lols,Lol's!,Funny,Doctor,Tux,Tuxido,Mjolnir,Ban Hammer,Tool,hopperbin,Build,Builder,Builds,Built,OBC,BC,TBC,Skate,Park,Sun,Sky,Blue,Green,Letter,Letters,Anything,Telamon,builderman,Ad,How,To,Make,Where,When,Disaster,Mini,Game,Games

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