The entirety of the multiverse, at the palm of your hand. What awaits you is confusing and what comes after is unknown. I can tell you all the stories you wish to know about the multiverse; life if something different had happened or if something didn't happen. Are you ready to accompany me on this journey?

Well, that opportunity has arrived! Travel through the multiverse and discover the endless, twisted possibilities of events! 🧙‍♂️⌚

🕹️  CONTROLS  🕹️:
Pick up items / Use items - Click / Keybinds (Computer) OR Tap (Mobile)
Crouch  - CTRL (Computer) / Shift (Computer) OR Tap (Mobile)
Use abilities / Place traps - Click (Computer) / Keybinds (Computer) OR Tap (Mobile)


There are currently no running experiences.