This game was originally owned by Troilface_gaming (MSXFM98DnB) but he has now moved on from Roblox. I was the map developer for this game and he has now given full ownership to me for being a big part of the development. Thanks for everything msx, you have done many great and unbelievable things in the roblox development and GTA community as for roblox as a whole. It has been a good run man.

It's the early 2000s, and crime is surging.  What was once the greatest city on the east coast is one of the worst cities in the USA.  Nobody can afford to drive newer cars or imports.  The only cars that people can drive are fleet cars or older American cars that your grandpa would drive that are often in barely running condition.

WestCoastOshawott - Owner, Map Creator, Textures
Troilface_Gaming - Past Owner, Vehicle Maker, Weapon Maker, Scripter
MrMonthh - Map Polisher, Scripter, Textures
Bendy813 - Map Polisher, Support
Stxhen - Helicopter Maker


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