Experience the world of Strawberry Shortcake and share fantastic baking experiences with your friends. Buy a house, bake for yourself, your friends, and the town. Make new friends and hang out too ❤️

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✨ New Updates
 ✔️ Faster Loading
🚗 🚘 CARS added! 
💖 Hang Gliders! 
🏡 Houses - buy a house, and bake in your own home ... now with new windows! 
🎈Hot Air Balloon 🎈
👩‍🍳 Food Trucks - bake around the city!
👍 Baking Competition - show off your skills to the town, and vote on your favorite recipe 
🍓 Food Delivery - take food to hungry citizens 

❤️ FREE Outfits:Teddy Bear & Cupid 
🎁 FREE Pet Code: BERRY 🎁
🎄FREE Holiday Winter Bundle🎄 

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