hey guys!! sorry about the weird glitch that removed admin commands from everyone--i'm working on getting it fixed!! in the meantime, thank u for 20k visits & expect a pretty big update soon ♡

update 8/8: admin script has been reloaded & mod has been replaced! do not fear however: u still have the commonly used commands!! just not the ones people abuse. do :cmds to find out what commands u can use  (pm me if any more should be added)

make sure to read the rules at the spawn!! u can’t say u don’t know the rules if u spawn in right next to them (-:

co-owners/admins of the game have pink-coloured chat! pls make sure to follow what they say & don’t harass them or u will probably get muted lol

lastly pls don’t abuse the commands Or Else ♡♡♡

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