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WARNING: As much as I want to see you crash and burn, I will give you fair warning anyway. This is NOT a beginners obby, you will die. MANY times heheheh... I remain the only person to be able to complete my obby. ( Yes I know what you are thinking, "It's his obby, he made it so he could beat it") Well, I made it, then had to beat it, alter what COULD not be beaten regardless of skill, so quit complaining and die like a man! I want to see you fail this obby, PASS! And not only will you get your own personal Badge of Completion, but I will henceforth add a badge for anyone else to beat it. #ChallengeIssued 

*Old Animations in Play* 
New animations really mess up the obby so old ones are here. Deal with it.

Them ponies be laughing.

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