Earth has been transformed into Christmas!
Ice Castle is here!
Welcome to your new Luxury Highrise Apartment! It's already decked out for the holidays, complete with a Christmas Tree and lights that go to your music.🎄🎶
Speaking of music, say hi to Royella when you step through the elevator. Right now she can only set up a custom playlist for you, so your favorite song plays when you arrive back home. She is located by your computer..
Wait, Computer?? Login to get your literal "login" bonus!💰💻💰
Introducing Needs: Sleep!💤 Get rewarded for when you get some much needed shut-eye! Access your Sleep Need through Missions on your phone.

About your Apartment:
Your lock settings are by default set to "'Doors Open!" meaning any friend can join you, via phone. You can change your lock settings from the gate.
If people join your Private Server they will be escorted into your apartment, even if you are offline!

Icons by SStarxy⭐ and @Ladyjordii

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