“High school isn’t all about classes you know,”🌸

Royale High, a magical boarding high school just one scepter spell away… ✧~♡~✧
Only those who pass the Entrance Exams will receive an Acceptance Letter to attend the most prestigious school in the Enchantraverse. Do you have magic within you, waiting to be awakened?

✧~♡~✧ Bulletin ✧~♡~✧
♡ NEW: The Goddess of Triumph Event for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is back for the month of September!
♡ Enrollment is now open for new students!  We are so excited to welcome you to the new school year of 2023 - 2024 on our new sparkling castle campus!
♡Try to balance your studies and socializing, as many best friends have been made within these halls♡


There are currently no running experiences.