🚧 Publish in progress! Trading Hub is temporarily disabled~ The Castle's Heart, the Front of the Castle, Dorms, Office, Enchantraverse, Bathing Quarters and the Vents have been published so far!

✨ Welcome to Royale High, your ever-growing magical dream world, just once scepter spell away... ✨ 

❄️ The Glitterfrost Advent Calendar is out now! ❄️
🎁 Receive 3 gifts daily from 3 different friends!
✨ 1st gift is a shiny new 2023 item, but 2 may be surprises from Glitterfrost's past! ✨
⭐  Bonus prize for completing the calendar! ⭐ 

Royale High, a magical boarding high school just one scepter spell away… ✧~♡~✧
Only those who pass the Entrance Exams will receive an Acceptance Letter to attend the most prestigious school in the Enchantraverse. Do you have magic within you, waiting to be awakened?

✧~♡~✧ Bulletin ✧~♡~✧ 
♡❄️Update in Progress!
♡Try to balance your studies and socializing, as many best friends have been made within these halls♡


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