⚠️ This was my first experience that I've released and being an old one, I've definitely improved and fine-tuned my methods. Whilst it functions as intended, it is messy and inefficient and I don't think I'll pursue the same style as I did when this was being developed. That said, I'm discontinuing the experience, and I would like to thank those who have played and/or donated before then! Please note, since the audio asset changes, most audio will be broken and it will not be fixed. Discontinued on 03.30.22

You awaken only to find yourself trapped in a long-abandoned forest. You do not know who or what brought you here, but you know something is lurking in the darkness. You need to quickly escape, otherwise you will not see the light of day ever again. There are a total of 12 locations but only 8 will have what you need. Think you can escape?

Inspired by:
"Slender: The Eight Pages" by Parsec Productions


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