Winter update 2022 is here! ⛄

Roblox Premium Players get a x1.5 Coin Bonus!⭐
Use code "winter2022" for some free coins! 💡

Welcome to Cartoony Run! A place where you can work together, betray your friends, survive the murderer, or be the murderer! 🪓

Join our ROBLOX group for some free coins! 😃!/about

The game recently released, so expect bugs, we will be adding more maps and weapons soon! 
Chat with Bob , explore the map and be the first one of the leaderboard! 🎩
Got suggestions for the game? Let us know on the group wall! 🤠
You may run you may hide but can you survive?
Join us in Cartoony Run to find out!

Credits ✨

@9qwq - Scripter (Thanks for the amazing work!)
@Brencis3D - 3D Modeler (Thanks for the amazing work!)
@ToxicBlades- Ui Designer (Thanks for the amazing work!)

By TimeWork Studios🕐


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