Welcome to Tower Defense : Mythic! 

👍New code at 15k likes! Use code "10KLIKES" for free coins 💰 and "VERIFY" for free gems! 💎

How to play:
🔨 Build awesome defensive towers
⭐ Click on and upgrade your towers
🧠 Use strategies to beat up to 350 different stages
🌟 Rebirth to earn overpowered mythic items
👑 Climb the leaderboards to rank #1

🐛 Report bugs in our community server. Thanks!

🐌 Experiencing lag? Turn off bullets in settings or lowering your graphics quality.

--- Update ---
- 👻  Phantom skin crate
- ⬆️  Server size increased to 6 (+2)
- ⚡  Stage speed change gradually increases and decreases now based on performance
- 💰  Not enough coins pop-up reverted
- 🔨  Skin inventory fixed

--- Credits ---
Head Developer: MuPower
3D Modeler: UfoHunter10


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