THE MAZE NOW HAS A SERVER! Thank you all for 50M+ plays! To celebrate this, I have made a server for The Maze! Link to the server in the Social Links down below.

I am now referring to UPDATE 5 as The Maze Reboot since this game is being rebooted. Things will be a LOT better and more detailed. The Maze Reboot will take time though. Development isn’t easy. Luckily I have a small team of my friends helping me out! If you want more information about The Maze Reboot or want some TEASERS, join the server down below!


This game was made for people looking for a scare. Perhaps people who like exploring. This is a very open game but once you get into the Maze, it gets very enclosed.

This game is currently unfinished, I will expand on areas and perhaps add more monsters. There will also be more items and areas for the future!

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