🚖Welcome To Taxi Boss🚖 

Transport passengers, race friends, drift in the mountains and become the fastest taxi driver on Roblox. 

💰 Use code 'START' for 1000 bucks! 100K+ Likes! Use Code 'HUNDRED'. Next at 120K!
🏁 In this city, everyone needs a ride! 💸 Customers pay more the quicker they get to their destination! 
🔧 Modify everything on your cars. Spoiler, wheels, lights, colors and more! 
🏠 Customize and upgrade your garage and display your best cars. 🚕 Become the best taxi driver in the city! 
💎 Deliver better customers to their destination to make more money! 

Credits: olikus400 Bertik750 SamSpeedCz


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