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>> Check the Gas Station to see your Achievements and to access EXTRA MODES. <<

❗❗Don't dislike just because you can't beat it. This game features difficult to master combat.❗❗
If you're still having difficulty completing a section, go back to the lobby and select the next section.
You can also upgrade Health, Damage and Posture by earning runes from badges.

Roachrunners is a 1-2 player co-op fighting action RPG.
Controls can be found in-game by pressing 'X' on your keyboard.
There are currently 5 chapters to pick from, and 4 extra modes (Roach, Versus, PVP & Agent Hunt).
Inspirations from Left 4 Dead 2, Deepwoken, and Resident Evil 6.

boogameow (booga) - Programmer, UI, Animator
Mikescmidit (phase_world) - Builder, Animator


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