[[ For the enjoyment of both sides, it is advised you give a 15 minute warning period to an officer of Stratus. ]]
[[ If members of Stratus are patrolling, you are welcome to raid without forewarning. ]]

As you travel further from the highest peaks of the Athios mountain range, daunting peaks turn into plunging valleys. Built into one of the shallower valleys are the Kratos Facilities - utilised heavily for research purposes, destabilisation of the mainframe would have a catastrophic impact. Hence, Stratarian troops are regularly deployed to fend off invaders.

Stratus must hold off the attackers for the allotted time [currently N/A] or force the attackers into a retreat, preventing them from capturing and destroying the mainframe.
Raiders must capture and hold the terminal in the main base, and allow for it to complete it's timer - at which point the base will blow up and the raiders have won.

We put emphasis on good community, enjoyment and fairness 

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