Fort Aerius is located near some skyscrapers from the RAT buisness capitol. There is a small armory located on the mountain as well as an airspace control center. Everyone spawnes with Dual Magnums, a Jetpack and a Cyclone. There is a One in four chance of RAT members spawning inside one of the anchored helicopter decorations, and I One in four chance of raiders spawning on the top building next to the airspace. There are two capturebale Terminals, one located inside the armory, and one in the airlaunch pad. Taking control of the airlaunch pad is  crucial, as capturing it provides access to the Sparrow Menace, a guided missle launcher. Whoever controls the airspace should also control the barracks, as the airspace has a diriect missle veiw of the barracks. Credit to bereza12.

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