Welcome to Anime Storm Simulator!
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Use code "tenkamazing", "5000KL1kes" & "Release!!!" for Gems & Yen!

⚔️Assemble your squad, train champions, and strategize against powerful foes only in Anime Storm.

👊Latest Update [UPDATE 2]:
- 🌎New World: Demon Mountain!
- ⚔️13 New Champions!
- 🏅Achievements!
- 👹Demon Forest Event!
- 🗡️5 New Weapons!
- 📖Champion Index!
- 📨Refer your friends for Gems!
- ⚖️Game Balances
- 🐛Bug Fixes
- 📜See social links for full update log!

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Director: @NyxunRBX
Head Developer: @marinatedsushi
Scripter: @eXo0ne_, @imperialflame
Animator: @Haydrax3
Builder & Modeler: @EyepatchedG, @Marubravery
Artist: @emkyrievibes


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