the original version of SCP Games and SCP Monsters 

Game Information :
- Lots of SCP Monsters here and SCP BOSS Monsters will spawn every 8 minutes
(there are 9 SCP Boss Monsters)
- you can also become a SCP Monster here just find a room with this name "Free SCP Morph"
or "Gamepass and Morph Room"
- this game has SCP Laboratory is a place where you can spawn some SCP Monsters
- Lots of SCP facility outfits and weapons that you can use
- and many other things
- sorry if the game is bad and not detailed so it's not laggy
- if you are confused trying to find Gamepass Room then try looking for a room with this name "Gamepass and Morph Room" 
- if you are using Xbox Console, we recommend using Keyboard and Mouse 

- this game is inspired by SCP Foundation


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