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All drinks here are juice or soft drinks.

Whacks are invalid indefinitely.
"The club that makes the fancy look fancy."
Business founded by Enzo "Peril" Vacotti.
Co-owned by KanceII

═════ ۩ Vacotti Spot ۩ ═════

When you enter the Vacotti Spot, think of it as a show. You have the main characters, the background characters, the editors, writers, and of course, the time. But, people don't know that time to us, is an illusion. We don't know how the Vacotti Spot will end, but nor do we know how it began. The Vacotti spot, however, plays anyways, because the party never ends. It's funny, we have 3 phases of an event in the Vacotti Spot, but there's also 3 phases to the beginning of an act. Lights, Camera...

═════ ۩ Vacotti Spot ۩ ═════

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