🏁 Type Race is a multiplayer game where you have to type out sentences as fast as you can, go against friends, strangers, or even try and beat your own high scores

🔴 Thank you so much for the support, I’m so sorry for being inactive I’m busy with a lot of stuff but I will hopefully come back in Feb. I owe you a big update

⭐ Please consider liking and favouriting the game for more updates, also join the Quataun group for future perks!

🐛 Please note the game is still in beta which means you might encounter some bugs while playing, thank you for understanding!

🔴 Update Logs:
(note: elimination is still wip!)

I have released a new typing game, check it out!

Designer & Programmer: @haz3mn (roblox)
Digital Distribution: @quataun (twitter)

Tags: Type, Typing, Typer, Words, Squid Game, Write, Typewriter, Typeracer, Race, Writer, Keyboard, Red Light Green Light

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