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Credits: zeu1212 , bigs173 and Rubzter300 FAVOURITE THE GAME AND THUMBS UP (PLEASE) -An update per 1~3 months keeps the future me away from the side of the street with no cloths. College 1st Semester starting this June(wish me luck that ill survive!), less active. -Info of ADL's updates and next updates are shown above the screen in-game. tags : open source,uncopylocked,free place, free player points Tags : Build, zombie, FEAR, Vortex secerity, VS, TD, Team domino, zombie, city, Welcome to the town of robloxia, Survive the disasters, survive, town, attack, war, RAT, TRA, The robloxian army, Build to survive the disasters, Black ops II, Call of Robloxia 5, Roblox at war, survive the lava wave, noob, spongebob, defend the fort, defend, dragon, Paintball, JC, John's corbas, WIJ, Mountain, The infection, Zombie house, Red vs. Blue, Welcome to Roblox building, Angry bird tag, guest, KO's, Free admin, Admin commands, Content deleted, Heli wars, Catalog heaven, Free tools, VIP, Free

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