You Woke Up In A Seemingly Uncanny Abandoned Town. The Town Is Small, So You Can't Do Much. But You Woke Up. With Other People. With Nothing Much Left To Do. You Are Given A Choice Of Weapons. No Guides. No Instructions. So You Follow Your Thoughts, .........Slash Everyone And Cause Never-Ending Mayhem

All Forms of Exploiting will result in a PERMENANT ban.


* Stomp / Kick Added
* FlashBang Added

L-Shift = Sprint / Run
E =  (HOLD) - Revive /  Interact, (PRESS) - Stomp / Kick
G = PickUp Items
C = Crouch
X = Dash
Q = Block
M = BoomBox[GamePass]
Z = Carry / Drop
T = Taunt[GamePass]
Y = Transform to Clown[GamePass]

This game is HEAVILY inspired by Aethelbeorn

Warning: This Game Is Not Recommended For Sensitive People Due To The Gory Violence

If you consider disliking, think twice. The game's still in ALPHA. Don't expect it to be with no bugs.

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