A Button Simulator Game with buttons based off the JJT Difficulty Chart.
There are currently about 19 zones and 13 stats.
Ok have fun. Or not, I don't care.

Made stats boost cash again. (Only for Stats above Mega Multiplier, since if I were to put it any lower it would break.)
Added a temporally free rebirth orb since I feel bad for not updating. (Also please my game is dying.)
(Also I don't really know what a causing the custom speed to break. I legit didn't touch it.) 

Also forgot to mention that I disabled the stat badges until I find a way to fix a bug revolving around it.


@ericfarty - Custom speed script.

@0pyranite - Canister Mode Script

@TwiistD4our - Speed disabler script

Please note that this game has a lot of parts, so it might lag for low end devices.

Also please message me if you have any problems, or found any 
 bugs with the game.

Shutdown = Update
Current Version: 1334

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