--/ 📛 Important
This is a fan game by Bee Swarm Simulator. We are not trying to pass it off as our own.
Bee Swarm Simulator Creator:
Bee Swarm Simulator:

--/ 🐝 About Game
Create your own bee hive. Collect pollen to make honey.
Complete quests from bugs. Buy new equipment and tools.
And have fun!
[Game won't get updated anymore(probably)]

--/ 📕 Changelog
 The Game is slowly dying
 It will aslo probably never get updated. But who knows Darkness.
Maybe someday we will update it, but the chance is very low.

--/ 🔨 Developers:
🐼 Brings_Darkness - Developer, Scripter
💨 GarrDer - Developer, Animator, Builder, Painter, Musician,Designer


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