Privated for now, sorry.

We are currently re-creating the game. The Demo will no longer receive updates. Be ready for the real game!

Because this is a Demo there can be stat/level/quirk resets from time to time, purchase any products we provide at your own risk.

Welcome to Hero Academy, an immersive, RPG-inspired game on ROBLOX. Make sure you give the game a Thumbs up and Favorite the game to find it faster in the future! We plan on updating consistently every week and with that hope to provide you with a game you can call your favorite.


This game is inspired by Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), where one's status is determined by their "Quirk", —unique superpowers which develop in childhood— these quirks are used by 80% of society and have grown into their everyday lives.

Dive into the world of Hero Academy and choose to use your quirk for good or evil, attend classes at a high school of your choice, battle your friend

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