Take Your Custom Built Rig Out for the Day in this Imersive, Open World Off-Road Experience.
Explore the enormous map, tackle the greatest of trails, go overlanding with friends, or just relax in the cabin.

+ Bush plane!
+ Cherokee Realistic outfitted with tunable suspension 
+ Flex your miles + donation leaderboard in the Garage

Controls:                  Lights:                     Misc:

Throttle - W             Headlights - H        First Person - V (or c)
Brake - S                  Foglight - J             Second Cam - B (or v)
Shift Up - E              Caution - X             Freecam - Shift + X
Shift Down - Q         Left Blinker - Z
Parking Brake - P     Right Blinker - C

Tags: Offroad, Offroading, Jeep, Ford, Rock Climbing, RockCrawling, Suspension, FREEDOM CONVOY, Tartaria, Mudflood, MudRunner, SnowRunner, Forest, Mountains, Cars, Vehicles, Landscape, Immersive, Beautiful, Multiplayer, Deltarune, Omori, VR


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