Official release date will come very soon.

New code at 25,000 likes

LEVEL CAP: Lv. 100

🎮 Compatible with PC, Mobile & Console
⚙️ Basic Controls (Can be found in-game): M (Menu), V (Equip ODMG), R, Q/E, A/D, Space, W x2
⚔️ Earn various perks and upgrade your ODMG to become the strongest scout to fight off the titans
🔥 Fight against friends and opponents in PvP to climb the rankings
⭐ Collect a variety of cosmetics to make your unique avatar
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🛠️ CREDITS: 🛠️
EvolutionPower (Scripter), xPanquakez (Modeler), VEVO_DNRINO (UI Designer), ACherryPy (Animator), TMG_Dev (Map Designer), Aleks_XVI (Effect Designer)

Attack on Titan


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