Fort Sill is a United States Armed Forces Military Police base. Near the border between Texas and Oklahoma and located in the south west of Oklahoma, it is the main United States Armed Forces Military Police base. Here the Military Police will host training's and try-outs to help improve their force!!

Base Rules:
    - Guests are permitted at this base but must follow all rules.
    - Military Police uniform and clean hair MUST be worn at all 
     - Grammar and Maturity are to be used at ALL times. Failure to 
      do so could result with you being dismissed from the base.
    - Do NOT step on the grass once you are passed the 
      checkpoint at the front of the base.
    - When 'TERMS' are activated. You may not speak freely, you 
      may only reply to questions given by the trainers or Chief of 
      State Police+ with 'YES/NO [RANK] in full caps and a "!" at the 

Credits - Omar_BradleyJR [Developer]

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