January 5: Server Room released
December 26: School released
December 17: Zoo released
December 9: Candyland released
November 26: Toy Factory released
November 12: Winter stage released
7,500 likes: Spaceship released
5,000 likes: Pool stage released
3,000 likes: Squid stage released
October 5: Hakaba stage released
2,000 likes: Tatami stage released

🌈Welcome to Epic Fidget Hunt!🌈

🦄Explore a giant's house and hunt for all of the pop it fidgets! 🦄

Once collected, they're added to your inventory so you can spawn your fidgets and pop them.🎉

Progress is saved, so you can leave and come back again to play any time! 🎉

Please like 👍 and favorite ⭐ if you enjoy! Have fun!


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