Welcome to Mayhem!!
💰 "LAUNCH" for $500 Coins
💥 "BOOM" for Free Grenade Tool
🕷 "SPIDER" for Free Spider Pet

Have fun messing around with other Players! 
   🎁 Find Crates and Power Boosts
   🔫 Use Tools in Crates on other Players
   🎯 Complete Quests to earn Coins
   😲 How much Chaos and Mayhem can you make?!
❤️ At least 10% of all the games revenue goes towards charity! 
Support development and give us suggestions for updates by joining Simple Games!!/about
Please leave a 👍 Thumbs Up & ⭐️ Favorite if you enjoyed the game! And follow the devs at:
Shout out to CodeWinder and UndoneCoder for creating this game!

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