Trade Hangout version 4 is out!

- Added a monorail that you can ride around the map
- Added a Kestrel clothing store where you can try on items before you buy them. Includes a working mirror.
- Added Shimmer orb to the shop that gives your avatar a glowing effect.
- Introduced Super Domino Chest which gives out 4x the dominoes!
- Added a Domino Chest Leaderboard so you can see how many Domino Chests you have unlocked compared to everyone else in Trade Hangout
- Changed the music to a new set of songs
- The Jetski, VIP chat, and Apartment features are no longer supported in the new map. I will be issuing refunds in Dominoes to anyone who purchased them.

Bug fixes
- Fixed issue where balloons did not propel you upwards
- Turned on new bubble chat to fix text being cut off
- Reduced the fireworks volume to not deafen voice chat users


There are currently no running experiences.